by ingenpauser

I am not a big fan of brown. Where it occurs naturally it can be quite nice – think forests, hard wood flooring, chocolate, nice tans, stuff like this.  But then there is also the other thing.

For some time now the streets of Europe are littered with gleaming  objects that would make every dog proud. This sudden fad for brown cars apparently started in Germany of all countries. I blame BMW. They call their particular shade of brown Marrakech (a fact that should at least have led to a harsh diplomatic complaint from Morocco), but there is no denying the fact that this colour has more in common with my bowel movements than the place it was named after. And other car makers followed suit.

Apparently this is yet another 70s revival. A period most commonly remembered for its great sense of style and fashion (okay, there was Steve McQueen though). I still think it’s shit but if you beg to differ I give you this: